Life, Unfortunately, Doesn't Come With A Handbook! Everyone Can Use A Little Help Now And Then Navigating Through The Rough Patches.

My desire is to provide a safe place for children, teens and families to begin to make changes. As a Play Therapist, I am able to developmentally meet children where they are. It is often through play that children will begin to express feelings and worries. As their parent, you are an integral part of their journey. My goal would be to provide whatever support necessary to enhance you in that role. Please explore my site to learn more about the services I offer. It is important to find the best therapist for your child/family. I am committed to providing a free initial consultation to ensure it is the right fit.

Child Therapy

I work with children as young as 2 who are experiencing a variety of problems or issues. I am a registered Play Therapist which helps communication with young children.

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Adolescent Therapy

My experience includes school counseling which is beneficial in communicating with teens. Finding the right therapist is important for both the teen and the parent.

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Family Therapy

I am committed to provide personalized and quality counseling to all members of the family. Working through problems within the family effects each member differently.

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